What We Do

Rocky Mountain Student Media Corporation (RMSMC) supports the mission of Colorado State University by enhancing the undergraduate experience through education, training and hands-on experience in media methods, management, ethics, responsibilities and community service.

90.5 FM KCSU is the radio voice of Colorado State University students. KCSU broadcasts alternative, rock, indie, and Fort Collins local music as well as talk, news, and sports.The station allows listeners to stay connected to the Fort Collins campus and music communities from afar, while teaching student broadcasters and DJs the fundamentals of radio programming and hosting.

Since 1891, the Collegian’s purpose has been threefold: serve as a news source, create a platform for discourse, and provide skill development opportunity for student staff. The Collegian strives to cover and explain the relevance of issues that impact the Colorado State University community, primarily students, by providing a broad scope of perspectives.
CTV is dedicated to providing the students and organizations of Colorado State University with a forum to inform, educate, and entertain.This is accomplished through creating quality, student-produced, television programming while maintaining a learning environment for students interested in television, broadcasting, production, and/or management.

College Avenue is CSU’s student-run magazine. The magazine’s mission is to serve the CSU and Fort Collins communities with innovative and engaging coverage of relevant issues. College Avenue’s staff is dedicated to providing balanced and accurate reporting as well as visually stimulating design and photography to a diverse audience.